Like most attorneys, I charge for my legal services based on the amount of time involved.  Two separate matters, which on the surface appear similar, but are not, with one matter having more problems than the other, will be charged different total amounts.

I charge my clients at the rate of $360 per hour, billing on the number of minutes involved ($6/minute).  If I am handling a single, short matter, such as a telephone call, there is a minimum of 15 minutes charged.  If my legal assistant is involved, such as drafting documents, I charge for his services at the rate of $120/hour ($2/minute).

I will represent clients by emails and telephone calls, subject to the requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the California State Bar.  Payment can be made by check or by credit card through my PayPal account.

I normally do not charge costs for telephone charges, making copies of documents (unless they are more than 40 pages), mileage for travel, or postage.  I do charge for my out-of-pocket expenses, such as court costs, recording fees for real estate and fees to obtain various legal documents.

If I am working for a “new” client by telephone or email, I request an advance payment through PayPal for the first 15 minutes ($90) of time spent on the matter and will bill the client for any additional time involved.  If I do not represent the client because of a conflict or because services are requested for an area in which I do not work, I will promptly refund any advance payment made.

Upon receipt of a bill for legal services, you may choose to pay by check or through PayPal. To pay with PayPal, you do not need to register. You may simply click the button below and follow the directions. There is a text box on the form if you should wish to send us a message. Thank you.

Legal Services