Legal Services Provided

Like most attorneys, I specialize in the legal services I offer.  I have been an attorney in California for the past 43 years and have specialized in probate, trust, and estate planning matters.  I represent clients in connection with drafting estate planning documents for individuals and couples.  I also represent fiduciaries, (individual fiduciaries, professional fiduciaries, and bank and trust companies) in connection with trust and probate administration.  I do not handle conservatorships, guardianships or litigation of trust and probate matters.

Since I bill, as do most attorneys, on the basis of time spent on a matter, it helps if my clients have specific ideas of what they wish to do or what they wish handled.  If I am drafting an estate plan, I need, after discussion with the client or clients, a decision on how the assets pass at death and who will be in charge to handle this.  If I am advising a client on the administration of a trust or an estate, I need copies of documents such as the trust agreement and any amendments or the will and any codicils.  I also need information on assets, current title to assets, beneficiary designations for insurance and retirement accounts, and approximate value for their various assets.

Many clients come in and after an hour or more meeting, we have reviewed many things but they still do not know what they wish to do.  Many clients who wish to discuss a will or trust do not bring in copies of the documents for the meeting.  Time and money will be saved if clients are organized and discuss with me briefly by phone or email what they wish to do and what documentation is needed.